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Freedom Hut Resort offers the essentials for a good vacation period , pristine natural setting in Jum Island which is right on the Andaman Sea.

What makes Freedom Hut unique is its the only spot in Jum Island where it's possible get both sunrise and sunset.

This resort is a nature's lover dream. Each of the wooden cottages has been positioned to face the sea providing a spectacular view of the Island. Spacious and clean they almost blend in harmoniously with nature and easy local style. There are kayak and other water sport activities for the active vacationers and indoor massage facilities for those on a relaxing holiday.

Each bungalow is outfitted with clean and a balcony overlooking the stunning view of the beautiful emerald blue waters, as well as simple amenities to provide you with easy style. Take advantage of the bicycle rental facility available on-site and explore the surrounding area in an eco-friendly manner. Positioned on the hills, the all day dining option onsite serves up delicious meals with panoramic views of the bay.

Jum Island is a small island situated between Koh Lanta and Krabi town offering a peaceful place from the crowd that normally storms the area. The island's beaches and jungle are still almost perfectly pristine. For such a lovely and unspoiled island, Jum Island is surprisingly easy to get to by short time from Krabi Town or Lanta Island. Without crowded and nightlife is the reason that many tourists always visit and relax in this small island.

Freedom Hut Resort

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